Volcanic Grande Ultimate 100mm: for Inline

For Inline Speed Skates

  • U.S. Patented 360° Light Visibility Hub with 8 Lights
  • Size: 100mm, 80A Hardness
  • Total 8 Lights in each wheel.
  • Pre-installed ABEC-5 High Performance Bearing
  • Perfectly fits for Quadline Skates


Volcanic’s 5th Generation Model: Most Improved & Upgraded version.

  • Extremely Durable: All Lights are protected perfectly by additional protective unit.
  • All lights are Seen at 360-degree angles. Even in low speed.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz


  1. Chris

    A real “head turner” for both show and safety. I got these for my Titanium sport wheelchair. Even after a year they’re holding up to the day to day challenges I give them. At night when crossing a parking lot or heading to my apartment, their brightness keeps me visible to traffic!

  2. Lickerpoet

    Purchasing my 5th or 6th set of 8 Grande Ultimate Volcanic Wheels. Takes me about 9 months to a year to wear through them, as I skate on the street, asphalt, almost every night. No, they don’t wear out quickly, but they do wear down eventually. I easily put on more than 1,000 miles before I have to retire them. I use them on quadline skates. You can see a video of me somewhere on this site. With earlier versions of these wheels, I would pull and clean the bearings ever so often. Seems that they have really improved the quality of these bearings, because I wore through the wheels without ever cleaning the bearings. I do take care not to get the bearings wet, and clean them off if I ever do get them wet or dirty. Originally these wheels were 78A in hardness, but now are 80A. I could only tell the difference when these new version wheels were brand new. I prefer a softer wheel because it allows for more control, more ground feel; but the current hardness is perfect for my usage, on streets and sidewalks. I have also used the 120mm wheels, an older size, but they were a bit much to skate dance with. Bigger wheels are faster, but also heavier. This time I am going to try the 110mm. They will be a bit more wheel to handle, but they will be down to 100mm with a month’s wear. The only negative to using these wheels is if you don’t enjoy attention. People will be stopping you and asking where you got your wheels. Cars will stop in the middle of the street, windows open and cameras appear. People stop in their tracks and their heads track you as you pass. Kinda makes you think that you are starring in the Twilight Zone, but what the heck. I can deal with attention. When I put on my skates, got Pandora blasting on my bluetooth speaker in my pocket; and all my wheels are burning bright; I think of myself as the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four. Flame on !…..and buy these wheels. Your life will change for the better.

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