Dazzle 62mm Indoor & Outdoor

• The Only U.S. Patented Self Light-up Wheels.
• 360° Light Visibility
• Using the Latest Super-Bright LED Technology.
• Super Bright 8-LED Lights in each wheel.
• 62x32mm, 29mm Contact Patch
• Hub Colors: Crystal-Clear,  Purple  – All Available Now!
• Hardness: 85A, 93A

• FREE Pre-installed ABEC-9 608RS Serviceable Bearings
• Designed for 8mm axles.
• For 7mm axles, use Axle Sleeves to convert 7mm axles to 8mm bearings.


• Great for multi-surface skating.
• SUPER-Bright & Distinctive 8 direct lights in 4-color output
are visible from any angle.
• NO color blending of 8 lights in EACH Wheel.
• Crystal-clear transparent Urethane tire for in & outdoor use.
• Compact & sturdy transparent PC core in various color option.
• High-Performance ABEC-9 608RS Serviceable bearings pre-installed.
• U.S. Patented.


  1. Sir Marke

    I now own a pair of these wheels. My first time rocking them at the skating rink, yielded tons of comments and attention. A partner of mine has the Fireflies, but my Dazzles outshine his by far. I love this wheel.

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