About Us

We, DRI Products, Inc., are a California-based manufacturer and developer of advanced sports gears. Our parts are composed of a state-of-the-art patented design and technology that are specialized for self light-up wheels and casters with variation in size, hardness, and shape.

Under the brand name of “Volcanic Wheel”, we have been introducing innovative self light-up products to the world since 1999. Our very first models were equipped with 3 lamps while our 2015 5th Generation models contain 8 lamps with many U.S. & overseas Patents covering numerous engineering achievements.

Our Patents cover 18 claims, with patent details, under the Utility and Design category that enable the appearance of each LEDs clearly with NO color-blending at any angle and orientation. We adopted accumulated knowledge to produce a clear and distinctive color separation in order to show individual LED colors with maximum clarity, all of which are included in our patents.

All of our updated 5th generation, Ultimate series self light-up wheels are guaranteed to be trouble-free under normal operating conditions while providing users unparalleled satisfaction with 5 different colors and 8 light emitting diodes. Series of specially designed and engineered LEDs allow the bright, colorful light beam to be viewed from any angle  and at low speeds without the need for a battery. Volcanic Wheels cater fully to riders in every category including      low-speed casters to high-speed performance skating wheels.

As the advanced leader in the self light-up wheel industry, we have been introducing various types of self light-up solutions for wheels since 1999. Our 1st and 2nd generation “Blast” models had 3 and 4 LEDs, respectively, that were viewable from the front and rear. Our 3rd generation “Glare” and “Grande” featured 5 LEDs while the 4th generation had 6; however, our technological advancement did not stop there; we are now proud to introduce our 2015 5th generation “Ultimate” wheel that features 8 LEDs with 5 combination color outputs.

Always compare with those third party products. Try any of the new product line-up from Volcanic Wheel. We promise you will be satisfied. We always try to introduce new developments to perfect merchandise quality, design, price, and even packaging while our in-house team of engineers and designers are constantly devoting their time and efforts.

Volcanic Wheel can be used for many indoor and outdoor purposes. Our wheels can be installed on skateboards, roller skates, traveling luggage, wheelchairs, baby strollers, scooters, and much more…

We offer Sales and Marketing solutions to assist our dealers for sales-boosting and business expansion with “must-have“ demonstration displays in affordable budgets.